Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Transparency: from the "Final Thoughts" Section of Peirce's Book

As I read back through what I have written in Transparency, I wonder: “Am I being naïve?” There is so much chaos in this bridge time, and so many are sure it’s leading to the destruction of much of humanity and a terrible shock for our planet—yet I see it as a positive thing, a vast clearing phase. I don’t know exactly where my optimism comes from, but it seems to originate way, way back in time, and deep down below the surface of events and thoughts. 

Perhaps it comes from the “me” who lives in that higher frequency reality we used to call the future. In this source place, sight goes away, hearing fades to a soft hum, and the tactile turns to something nearly unfeelable, like the neutral between hot and cold. What’s left after the senses are gone is a shiny nugget. It’s a bright little sun, the memory of the big suns in the universe and perhaps of the kind of sun the universe itself might be if we could go beyond it and look back. That’s where I go when I look for the source of my naïveté. It’s something about what the soul knows for sure.

I can’t say enough about the difference in the two realities—the opaque, linear one and the transparent, spherical-holographic one. Everything we know in linear terms is about to change into a new kind of functioning, and we’ll know it all with such added dimension that we’ll have to redefine life. Yes, the ego needs to go! Yes, our human consciousness needs to be shocked into waking up and breaking out from the familiarity of its hypnotized, glazed-over, prison-cell mentality. You don’t have to be shocked into it, though, because you are finding the knowledge you need, just as you need it, to wake up on your own. 

When we think in linear terms, achieving the transparent world seems logistically impossible. The left brain starts cranking hard to imagine every single person touching every other person, creating a linked network of clarity that will certainly take a very long time to occur. And overcoming millennia of vengeance, violence, apathy, and suffering definitely has the odds stacked firmly against it. Steam is coming out of our ears! 

But shift to spherical-holographic perception and transparency, where spirit and matter merge and intermingle, and it’s easier to sense the powerful effect a high-frequency, wisdom-rich, compassion-loaded, collective inner blueprint can have on humanity. Just as enlightenment can happen in any ordinary second, just as the reality you’ve dreamed of can become your daily life, so transparency can come upon you and become normal—with no apparent, logical cause. It simply emerges from your own field and from the field of humanity that has reached a critical mass of clarity. 

Not everyone on earth has to do all the work of becoming transparent alone. When the critical mass occurs, the transparent reality will seem like the next most natural thing. When the automobile, telephone, television, personal computer, and internet materialized, it didn’t take long before people couldn’t imagine the world without these things. So it will be with transparency.

Copyright by Penney Peirce from Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity

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