Friday, October 13, 2017

Transparency: Moving Out of the Opaque Reality

“Most of us live in opaque bodies in an opaque world. We do not see through to what’s real and are rarely seen for who we truly are. We are resigned to an old, slow kind of perception in what’s becoming a painfully dense—or opaque—reality. Think how much of our time, energy, and resources is spent on self-protection and defense, keeping secrets, lying, hiding, and living by outmoded mores. Think how much misunderstanding and waste result from the belief that we live in a destructive, inimical world instead of an evolving, compassionate one.
These things are symptomatic of a reality we’ve long considered to be inevitable. It’s a reality where we live, partially hypnotized, believing we’re at the mercy of uncontrollable, unfair, random forces that prevent us from becoming our totality. It’s a reality where our original Light is dimmed and often blocked from penetrating into, flowing through, and radiating from us. This is the “old normal” way of life—the opaque reality.”
So begins Chapter 3 of my new book, Transparency. The planet, our bodies, and our reality have been accelerating for many, many years, and we are reaching a point where the old dense way of life, where suffering has been the norm, just doesn’t cut it. At this higher frequency, we naturally think there must be something better, lighter, more free, more loving. We want to be free of the opacity and fear—and many of us actually are finding the doorway through to the reality we have always called the “ideal.”
We are fortunate to live at a time where this magnificent transition, or transformation, is taking place. The early stages of it, granted, are chaotic and it can seem that negativity is dominating (I almost said trumping!) the good-hearted, common-sense way that has been valued by those who possess “character” throughout the ages. But this is a clearing of fear-based ideas and behaviors is part of transformation. We must clear our clutter—everything covering over our true, core selves, or our souls—so we can experience who we are without distraction. We now need to understand what causes the opaque reality and that can clear it to reveal the transparent reality where souls, in their vast wisdom, cocreate an enlightened world.

Here are some of the things that contribute to the opaque reality:
·    Physical/individual consciousness, only seeing the physical, isolation
·    Either-or thinking, polarity thinking, narrowing possibilities
·    Negative emotion, negative thinking, contractions of the Flow
·    Fixed ideas and rules, too much definition, partial view of life
·    Separation from soul, from others; fear of attack; need to defend
·    Linear perception; seeing gaps between things; breaking time into past, present, future; projecting the mind away from present moment
·    Lack of trust in self, others, the Flow

And here are things that help facilitate the transparent reality:
·    Connection to nonphysical realms and identity as soul
·    Naturally entitled to your destiny and self-expression
·    Positive emotion and thought; joyful creativity
·    Experience of oneness and belonging, safety
·    Trusting self, others, and the Flow; experiencing fluidity

I invite you to read more about this process of becoming personally and societally transparent in my new book, Transparency: Seeing Through to Our Expanded Human Capacity. It’s widely available at bookstores and online.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new book, Penney! Wishing you every success & can't wait to read it x

Rachel MD said...

Amazing book Penney - thanks so much. I feel that I have grown so much from reading this. It's really propelled me in a profound and important way. It's my favourite of all your books, although I loved each and every one. I asked my local library here in Australia to order it and they did, and right away, I see that someone has put a reserve on it! Your blogs are so special - love the summary here of how to become transparent - do keep treating us to any new insights or anything that you feel compelled to share!! Rachel MD