Friday, October 20, 2017

Two High-Quality Free Summits: "Mindset Mastery" and "Sound and Soul"

Penney Peirce is participating in 2 very interesting—and highly useful—free summits:

Your Mindset Mastery: Winning Strategies to Create More Time, Money & Meaning in Your Life & Business hosted by Judi Glova, Oct 24-Nov 5. Penney's Talk is the first one, on October 24th! Tune in for some fun insights.

My friend, Judi Glova, executive business coach and leadership development facilitator, is bringing together over 25 experts, including me, for a brand new, no-cost, online video interview series focusing on: SHIFT YOUR MINDSET, TRANSFORM YOUR RESULTS.

Sign up for the free summit here; and watch the video here.

You'll discover how overthinking and worry can create blocks, and find everything you need to overcome the blocks so you can find the meaning, fulfillment, and breakthrough you crave. You'll also discover:
  • A clear picture of how your mindset is wired 
  • How you get in your own way and what to do about it
  • Dozens of practical tools so you can make the time, money and meaning you desire
  • And so much more!
You'll walk away with greater self-trust AND the methods for achieving greater productivity, better financial rewards, and more success (however you define it)!


The Sound of Your Soul: 12 Days of Sound Healing, sponsored by TogetherWeAre, runs Oct 26-31st. In it you will learn to reconnect with your intuition using sound, music, and 3D binaural beats. Join us for a unique online sound journey.

Sign up here. Receive free sound journeys and the summit workbook upon enrollment.

Workshops will be led by 12 visionary thinkers, scientists, musicians, and sound healers (read about them here) who can help you find and express your inner voice and inner wisdom. You will learn:
  • What binaural beats are and how to use them to synchronize your left and right brain (and you’ll get to try it!) 
  • What your unique voiceprint and personal frequency are 
  • How music and sounds influence your mind, body, and spirit (and it’s science—you’ll never look at music the same way)
  • How various frequencies can help you find your own inner voice and personal “joy zone”
  • How to open your inner wisdom by singing or simply listening to music (or gongs!)
  • What morning and evening routines you could set in place to find harmony
Among the other presenters are: David Gibson, Lynne McTaggart, Kevin J Carroll, Satyaa and Pari, Vilmar Schiff, Lilia and Denis, Donna De Lory, and Richards Walters.

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