Saturday, December 16, 2017

Penney Peirce, channeled reading transcript, from the early 1980s

The human kingdom exists as a zone between the purely spiritual realm, or "the Father", and the physical, earthly realm, "the Mother." The human experience could be likened to "the Child," the fertile place where the two great forces meet and generate unending creativity. As we become consciously aware of the universal Father force while being fully committed to the physical body, or fully "ensouled" in the Mother, then the third and fourth dimensions collapse into each other, and the two ways of knowing reality fuse. Our experience of physical reality will transform as a critical mass of people have a conscious realization of this new, blended state of awareness, this reunification of body, mind, and spirit. The resulting new reality is what many people call the New Paradigm.
Fourth dimensional, spiritual awareness emerges from the center of atomic particles, literally ascending out of the cells of our bodies, and it simultaneously affects us in a descending fashion through our thoughts and inspirations. It is as though the sun is burning through our fog of illusion, and quickly now! There is to be a divine marriage soon, as the veil of separation between the realms dissolves. This will result in a greatly enhanced conviction of unity and a flood of clarity and new understanding. We will know that matter itself is conscious and alive, and will also have access to the vast knowledge that lies beyond the logical mind.
 As this process occurs, there will be a lightening, literally, of matter––more light and energy will flow through physical form, as increased vibration, and the refinement and sensitivity of our bodies will improve. As higher energy begins to run through us, we often mislabel it as anxiety or panic, and suppress it. Then it causes problems. We're seeing this in the dramatic psychological and emotional changes many people are experiencing now, and in the proliferation of "high frequency" diseases.
 As the transformation process accelerates, the need to clear the body of old, locked-in patterns of thought, belief, and personal identity becomes paramount. Otherwise these blockages will eventually "explode" in the presence of such white hot energy. So, one of the major functions of education now is to assist in this process of release and purification. Humanity, and each individual within it, is becoming a clear lens, a transmitter, a tuner. 

Copyright by Penney Peirce, from "Transforming Education: An Expert Intuitive's Look at Future Trends"

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