Monday, January 8, 2018

Penney's Direct Writing Guidance: from 2000!

When I feel lost in the undertow of my dominating mind, just let the motion go and look someone in the eyes. Just let the motion go and let another motion be. Any motion. The motion of the mind is just another Wind among many, blowing, blowing.

Let all meanings be. Let there be no set of thoughts that are right, none that are wrong. Let things stop. Let things change. Let things emerge. Let my mind be tricked by the larger FLOW. There is a Plan, but I must give up my limited way of defining this concept: the plan is I AM. Nothing is special. Nothing is a letdown. It is what it is.

Let my name have no meaning, no meaning in the arrangement of the letters, in the sound, in the associations I have about myself. My name: it is a moment, a place. A changing but steady vibration. A cooperative steady point for emergence of: BIG I AM.

Stop looking for meanings and control my mind!! How? Breathing. Moving the body artfully without internal commentary. BEING WITH other people beyond their mind patterns, beyond their winds. Get beyond the weather patterns. BE REAL. Don't COPE. Let my mind be a simple receiver. Let my mind be a simple relay of energy packets. Simple simple simple.

Where does it all come from and where does it all go? It's happening at once in all parts. The mind is just God looking at HimHerSelf, and it gets caught loving Itself — don't love yourself in the mirror. FLOW FLOW FLOW, feel love in action. Don't get caught in the senses. Don't stop unless it's an eternal moment. Forget MOMENTUM. Forget DRAMA. Get rid of disappointment. Don't be defined.

The ACTION is happening. I'm part. It pulls me into an awareness of it, shows me I AM it. Let go of the small identity. Become the ACTION.

I can't just save me, protect my private space and pretend the rest of the world doesn't exist. It's ME. I'm in all those people. I have to find myself first in this body, then in all the bodies. ME isn't my name. ME isn't hurt. ME isn't disappointed. ME isn't coping. ME is ACTING already in total commitment — it's OUT THERE doing big things and showing up beautifully in all good works all over the world. I'm already busy all over the world in big ways and small ways. Let the pace be set for this body here as it needs to be. But how will this body be drawn into the ACTION?

Remember how many channels for action there are, how many dimensions it's possible to function on at once. Greater I AM will drop me into channels and gently lift me out and transfer me to others. Be as much of the Greater ME as possible as it's happening. Let the moments blur into each other as they slip through me. Time moves through me, not me through time. Space moves through me, not me through space. ACTION moves through me, not me through it.

I must join the ACTION, already in progress. I hear the voices in there, hear the laughter. The kisses, the lovemaking, the rolling around in each other. Oh, the joy! I alone hold myself out of it and WHY? Waiting for the world to love me. When I am the world, already in ACTION, already in love. I am an I, not a me. ME needs, ME wants to receive. ME is one way: involutionary. I simply AM.

I am learning to unlearn. No MEMORY!! Have it all as I need it. Memory is a function of identity and only belongs to the limited mind. Accept that I already know all now. Let God/I focus it. Different amount of knowledge at different times, but there are no different moments — that's only a function of mind again, trying to be safe by being partial.

Receive the MOTHER through every mother I've ever had, through every child I've ever had. Receive the FATHER through every father I've ever had, through every child I've ever had.

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Kim Rammel said...

Penney , I’ve been devouring your book Transparency . At first it seemed so foreign . As I read on it is making more and more sense . I feel that at the age of 54 I’m coming out of the darkness and finding my people . Thank you .